Noah Pikes — Recommendations

David Carey, Principal Lecturer in Voice Studies, Central School of Speech and Drama, London. 2001
Noah Pikes is a highly experienced workshop leader and practitioner whose Whole Voice work has proved very popular with a range of voice and performance practitioners.
For the July Conference, held under the auspices of the International Centre for Voice, Mr. Pikes combined his role of workshop leader with that of conference coordinator, assembling and presenting an impressive range of material and practitioners associated with the history and development of the Roy Hart Theatre. This was all accomplished in a relaxed and assured style that enabled participants in the event to engage both experientially and reflectively throughout the week.
Helmut Barz, Dr. Med. President, C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich. 1991
I have known Mr. Noah Pikes professionally for several years and consider his work with the human voice and its relationship to psychology to be of very great interest, as well in practice as in theory.
Dr. Claude Sticker, Executive Director International Academy of Sports Science and Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland. 2012.
Thank you again very much for yesterday’s session. I have had a lot of pleasure and I have learned and was impressed by your mastery and performance.
Nicola von Lutterotti, President of Züriberg Toastmaster Club, Zurich, Switzerland, A workshop in Vocal Variety for Speechmakers. 2013.
Thanks Noah for a most instructive, incredibly fun and cheerful workshop. We learned a lot about the physiology and the evolution of the human voice. Well done, Noah. You surpassed our highest expectations.
Ian Macdonald, Clinical voice assessor and specialist voice coach for the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, London. 2005
Noah Pikes' many years of experience meant that the transition from one exercise to another, and from stage one to the final developmental episodes of performance and personal expression, were seamless.
The overall delivery of this work was communicated via a unique imaginative language, connecting and reconnecting ideas and themes, movements and sounds, familiar and unfamiliar. Re-cycling personal and psychological information and re-cycling our ideas, emotions and thoughts throughout a packed and adventurous week.
T. Buser, Dr. Med. Zurich, Switzerland. 1995
Through individual work over the last two years I’ve got to know and appreciate Noah Pikes and his way of working with the voice. Noah Pikes is an attentive guide and accompanist for me, who again and again shows a great deal of sensitivity, also in helping one to express, explore and integrate difficult areas.
Peter Seibt, Business consultant, Zurich, Switzerland. 1990
During the few hours with you, although not searching anything specific, I found what had I missed for more than 50 years; my voice - more precisely, the way to it by your wise way of teaching.
Margaret Ammann, Story Teller and Committee member of the Swiss Society of Storytellers. Zurich, Switzerland. 2004
Noah Pikes enabled me to discover new horizons and possibilities of pleasure from working on my voice.

Joseph Clark — Recommendations

Claude Durand, Head of Interpreter Training Unit at the European Commission
I can whole-heartedly recommend the Voice Coaching course and its trainers. The feedback from our interpreters is extremely positive, the courses are always over-subscribed and no publicity has to be made as all applicants have heard of the course from word of mouth. Those following this course often say that it is one of the best they have ever done at the Commission and should be compulsory for all interpreters.
Ralph Gerhardt, Coordinator, Belgian AIIC Private Market Committee
I therefore highly recommend Joseph for any sort of assignment in the voice training area. Besides his qualities as a voice specialist, he is a great communicator and very pedagogical, and always showed an open mind when discussing the detailed layout of our sessions.
The evaluation forms we asked the participants to fill in after each session confirmed the impression I (and other representatives from AIIC’s decision-making bodies who were present) had: The training sessions were extremely successful, Joseph’s performance was rated as “satisfactory” or “very satisfactory”, no participant rated him below these two top categories.
Alexandra Panagakou (SCIC), Head of the Professional Support for Interpreters Unit, DG Interpretation European Commission (from 09 2013)
Your training on voice coaching is an important part of professional training for interpreters. The feedback we receive from staff interpreters who work for the European Commission and follow this training is that it should be compulsory for all interpreters especially at the beginning of their career.
Thomas Falch, Head of NATO Interpretation Service
The purpose of this letter is to confirm that Joseph Clark has provided several voice-coaching sessions for the interpreters of the NATO HQ Interpretation service, starting in 2011. The sessions were very successful in helping interpreters better manage their voice and stress.
Voice control and management are essential to interpreting, both for the quality of service and for interpreter comfort. Joseph Clark is a highly experienced professional who is able to diagnose and assist different people with different problems.